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2015 November 24, 4:42 AM

How to Set Up A Blog to Make Money Online Just Got Easier

Well, well ,well, you want to know how in the world do I set up a blog to make money online right?
You want to start making money through a blog don’t you?

Well before you even get started let me tell you something and I don’t want you to get upset and decide not to do it because of one little thing that I am about to tell you about learning how to set up a blog to make money online. Now the setting up part is easy with what I am going to show you where it’s already set up for you but the blogging part is what I am referring to.

Are you ready to hear this?
Are you sure?
Are you positive?

Ok, you WILL NOT make money over night. Blogging takes time and effort but if you stick with it and do the SEO and share it the right way. You stand a chance to make a wheel barrel full of money. Do you know what a wheel barrel is? It’s big and you can fit a lot of money in it. That’s it!!!

But we are not here to teach you blogging tricks and techniques that you can use. I’ll have to do that in another post and I even can train you in this department as well. We are here because you want to know how to set up a blog to make money online.

In this video I explain step by step how to set up a blog to make money online.

VIDEO: How to Set Up a Blog to Make Money Online When Everybody Else Is Not

So now that you have watched the video do you have a better understanding of what to do?
Do you see how you can skip all of the hard work setting up and testing different widgets to see what works? Having to create a banner and then spend countless hours trying to get the size of the banner just right to fit on your blog? Yes it’s a hassle and that’s why I love that you can get not only 1 blog already set up and ready to go but 10 different blogs that you can use to target any niche that you want.

If you want a personal blog you can have one for that. Even if you want one for your church you can create it for that too.

There are a lot of ideas that you can use these blogs for. The best part is that the blogs are already done for you and you just choose one, put your widgets on it, change the banner if you want and start blogging.

Blogging can do 2 things.

1. It can make you consistent money because once you create a blog and put it out there online it stays out there forever.
2. Your constantly creating content and you building repour with people. They are getting to know you and warming up to you because they are reading your post daily and are connecting with you through what you are writing.

There have been many people that have sold a lot of products blogging and now you can too without the hassle of having to find hosting for your blog and create the blog. You can have it all set up and ready to go.

Now it’s time to get started with your own blog.

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